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YouTube tests a new design on Android with a revamped content information page

YouTube continues to receive regular improvements, both in terms of functions and additions, as well as in the design section. And a change in the interface of one of its sections, is what offers this improvement that they are testing in an increasingly large number of users

As has happened on other occasions, Google, the company that YouTube sleeps under, has launched a new design for its Android application. Some lines that are still being tested, since they were first seen in summer. The new design referred to the information section, is now reaching more users.

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Enhancements are activated server-side, so it does not depend on the version of the application that we are using. And if at this point you wonder what they are, tell you that they are not as striking as other changes made previously.

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The redesign of the interface is confined almost exclusively to the video description section, the one that we access if we press the inverted arrow and that may have gone unnoticed for many users.

Info 2

Now, when you click on the description, a kind of card is displayed in which we cannot see the avatar or the name of the channel at the top. Among the information we see is related to the associated links, hashtags, video footage to go directly from one point to another or song information, including lyrics, if it's music.

Info 3

YouTube for Android is testing some rounded corners on top and allows the window to be raised as if it were a curtain to fill the entire screen. In addition, the video can continue to be played while we read the information on the page.

For now this new design is still in the testing phase and it has not been deployed to the generality of users, so it is not certain that you already have it active on your device.

Via | 9to5Google