YouTube takes advantage of AI to create an impressive mashup with thousands of covers of Billie Eilish's song

Infinite Bad Guy is a website that uses artificial intelligence to take advantage of the catalog of thousands of YouTube versions of Billie Eilish's song 'Bad Guy' to make you an infinite music video, and the result is great.

The web is an AI experiment that has been presented by the same singer in collaboration with YouTube. One song, thousands of covers, and they never repeat the same one twice. And there are so many versions of 'Bad Guy' on the Internet that they gave to create something like this.

Seeing absolutely every cover combination would take hundreds of billions of years

Infitine Bad Gay

'Bad Guy' has inspired thousands of covers in almost every possible style and genre, there are countless videos on YouTube of fans offering their own version of the song, and on you can see them all playing together.

The web uses machine learning to analyze the audio of all the covers and align them to the beat of Billie's original song. An algorithm mixes all the covers and transitions between them automatically and almost perfect in most cases. You just have to enter and press the "autoplay" button for the site to choose the videos for you.

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Every time you enter the web, your version of 'Bad Guy' will be unique because it will use a different combination of covers always, and they explain that there are so many that to be able to reproduce absolutely all the possible combinations it would take at least 1.46 x 10 ^ 100 years.

If you don't want to use autoplay, you can even select different tags to create an infinite cover that, for example, has only acoustic versions, or only versions with cats. It's pretty crazy.