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YouTube Music will allow content sharing on Instagram and Snapchat Stories

YouTube Music is the service that is about to take the baton from Google Play Music as a method to access an entire centralized music library. And to try to reach more users, nothing better than adding improvements and functions. And that is precisely what Google is doing, by expand methods for sharing content.

YouTube Music is preparing to receive two new options when it comes to sharing the music we like. We can use the Stories of Snapchat or InstagramAs long as, yes, we have the applications installed on our Android phone.

Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Youtube music

If you have any of these applications installed on your phone, you may see how when you press the three dots to share a video clip, the icons of the "Stories" of Instagram and Snapchat appear along with the rest of applications and functions already known.

The objective is none other than to allow us to share what we are hearing through an Instagram "Story" or a Snapchat "Story". An improvement that is in development, since although the icons appear, it is not yet functional.

We tried YouTube Music: an alternative that is strong in the catalog, but which lacks options

The "Snapchat stories" or "Instagram stories" icons should not be confused with the option to send a direct message to a contact from both social networks, a function that is already available.

In this way, since it needs to be functional, it can be shared in a "story", the song we are listening to. What could be the result? The story may include information such as the album art, artist name along with some kind of vertical background personalized.

This new upgrade shouldn't take long to come true, especially if you already have the interface ready. Perhaps in the next few days we will have news.

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Youtube music

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