Google says it will update Chrome with new features every month starting in the summer

You can now watch the 'AlphaGo' documentary for free on YouTube

At the beginning of 2018, 'AlphaGo', a documentary directed by Greg Kohs and in which captures how DeepMind's artificial intelligence was able to overcome to the best player in the history of Go.

Precisely, DeepMind's YouTube channel has uploaded the full documentary, ideal for those who have not seen it yet and want to immerse themselves in this fascinating story.


Go is considered as the hardest board game in the world And, throughout the 90 minutes that this production lasts, we will get to know different details both about the game itself and about the AlphaGo AI.

It is an invitation to relive the historic battle between Lee Sedol (at that time 18 times world champion) and the AI ​​developed by DeepMind. Sedol arrived confident, and found an opponent stronger than he could ever imagine.

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How to find or upload subtitles to a YouTube video

The only negative point is that (at least for now) Spanish subtitles have not been uploaded (only available in English and French), but there are a few ways to fix it.

It will be as simple as installing the free extension 'Subtitles For YouTube' in Google Chrome and load the subtitle file in the language we want. There are many platforms where you can find them, and in SubDivx we can find several versions.

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Further, this extension includes a search engine and it allows us (through keyboard shortcuts) to increase or decrease the size of the font and advance or delay the position of the subtitle with respect to the movie.