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Xiaomi's toughest rival plummets its price to 192 euros

This realme is still one of the best options if you hate Xiaomi.

This mobile makes the Xiaomi mid-range look more like a 'dwarf' range. East realme 6 Pro for only 192 € is a terminal with brute force that will surprise you. This offer represents a reduction from the € 329 it costs on its official website. Come on, what if it escapes you he will never forgive you.

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realme 6 pro offer green backgroundhttps://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="116 116w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="135 135w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="156 156w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="181 181w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="210 210w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="244 244w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="283 283w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="328 328w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="380 380w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="441 441w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="512 512w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="594 594w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="689 689w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="799 799w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="927 927w,"
https://andro4all.com/files/2020/11/realme-6-pro-oferta-fondo-verde.jpg?w="1000 1000w"/>

Power, good camera, great autonomy and very attractive price for this realme 6 Pro

Although the realme 7 and 7 Pro have already been released, this older version still has a very tempting price and crazy specifications. It is a smartphone that moves thanks to a Snapdragon 720 as the central nucleus, accompanied by 6 GB RAM. In addition, your dashboard 6.6 inches with Full HD + resolution and 90Hz refresh rate make it impressive once you turn it on.

its quad camera 64, 8, 12 and 2 megapixels, its 4,300 mAh battery with fast charging at 30W and its connectivity NFC and 3.5mm Jack make it one of the best options on Android today for this price.