Xiaomi's smart speakers triumph in… DxOMark?

Xiaomi's speakers, among the best on the market according to DxOMark performance tests.

Apparently, DxO now also analyzes and scores the audio of some of the most popular speaker models on the market.. And among all those tested so far by the company, it is those of a brand that have managed to be among the best valued: Xiaomi.

The company has been building its catalog of smart speakers Through different models such as its Mi Smart Speaker, available in Spain.

Y two of them have been selected as two of the best speakers on the market by DxO, after obtaining scores higher than 100 points in the tests carried out by this popular –and controversial– consultant.

Xiaomi smart speaker

Xiaomi has an interesting new smart speaker for sale.

Xiaomi strains two of its speakers on the top of DxO

The best valued model by DxO among the current speakers for sale from Xiaomi is the My Smart Speaker HD.

Its about most expensive model of all the smart speakers that Xiaomi has for sale, since their price exceeds 100 euros in stores like AliExpress.

Despite this, DxO highlights the value for money of this speaker, as well as features of its sound section such as the natural reproduction of intermediate frequencies, or its versatility in offering high quality audio regardless of the type of content to be played. They also point out the good work of the integrated speakers in offering audio well distributed in all directions.

Thus, the loudspeaker obtains the second highest score awarded so far by DxO to a speaker, only surpassed by the Echo Studio, Amazon's smart speaker with high-fidelity audio, which obtained 124 points and is thus placed in the first position of the ranking.

What's new from Xiaomi is a smart speaker similar to Apple's HomePod

One of the Xiaomi speakers best rated by DXO.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi smart speaker model with battery, the Mi Smart Speaker Battery Edition stands out for its price, lower than the top model since it can be purchased at a price of about 70 euros, and because it is still capable of offering rich and quality audio.

Of this speaker stands out the good audio performance despite the design limitations of the device, and its ability to generate good quality audio regardless of the power source used - be it the battery or the electrical outlet.

With these two models, Xiaomi has been able to surpass others like the Yandex Station, the smart speaker from the famous Russian company behind the Yandex search engine; or the TMall Genie X5. In the ranking, with the lowest score so far, another model of Chinese origin also appears, the Baidu Xiaodu Smart Speaker Ultimate Edition.

It is worth mentioning that these scores refer to the section on analysis of "essential" speakers. In the case of the advanced category, we find models such as the Google Home Max, which according to DxO tests outperforms models such as the Huawei Sound X and the Apple HomePod, the latter being the worst rated in its category - so far.