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Xiaomi will pay you to hand over your old mobile when buying a new one

Xiaomi makes it a bit easier for its buyers to acquire new devices.

Renewing the mobile phone is a considerable outlay for many people, no matter how much the concept of mobile phones for all budgets is extended.

Yes, there are themWe are not going to discuss it, but a large part of consumers would prefer not to have to do numbers every time they want a new smartphone.

In this sense, Xiaomi has begun to apply in India an interesting old mobile buyback program to acquire a new model of the firm, with which they will give up to 70% of its value, although only the Redmi 9 series, Redmi Note 9 series, Redmi K20 Pro and Mi 10 series.

Thus, through the so-called Mi Smart Upgrade (that everything has to have its good corporate name), Xiaomi has introduced different reimbursement plans, with fixed minimum amounts depending on the phone you have and for which you want to change.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Back of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, one of the latest phones launched by the Asian firm.

Minimum 40% the amount, maximum 70%

Let's go through two extreme examples. The minimum that those who decide to hand over their Xiaomi or Redmi mobile will receive will be the 40% of the PVP value if they decide to deliver it between 13 and 15 months after its purchase.

In the event that it is chosen to buy the most cutting-edge phone (for example the future replacement of the Mi 10) by delivering the immediately previous model up to six months after its purchase, the Chinese firm will make a 70% refund of its value.

The Mi Smart Upgrade program currently only available in India but it cannot be ruled out that the Chinese company decides to implement it in more countries and that it may reach Spain in the future.

The operation is very similar to that already applied by companies such as Samsung or Apple, but in this the amounts to "return" seem to be higher.

In addition, this Xiaomi proposal opens the possibility to phones of much lower ranges, an aspect that is always interesting because not everyone can afford mobiles of more than 300 euros.