MIUI 12.5 begins to reach 6 other Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi starts selling its most successful charger separately

The 33 W fast charge is priced for all budgets.

Since Apple decided not to include the charger in its new iPhone this accessory has acquired an unprecedented importance. Until now, practically no one had stopped to think about the real importance it has but, as often happens, there is always someone willing to explain it to us and, incidentally, take a slice of the issue.

Xiaomi has decided to market its new charger 33W fast charge independently and has chosen India as the first country to do so. Thus, Mi 33W SonicCharge 2.0 is now available for a greatly reduced price of ₹ 999, which the change would be approximately 12 euros.

New charger and known power

Mi soniccharge xiaomi

Xiaomi's new 33w power charger has started to be sold separately in India.

This Mi 33W SonicCharge is only available in white and, when purchased, also includes the power adapter. In this way, the box will be composed of USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable one meter long, the same color, and the mentioned adapter corresponding to each pías (be careful with buying the Indian version that is not the same as the Spanish one).

This new Xiaomi charger comes to succeed the charger My 27W SonicCharge launched on the market in 2019. At that time it was an additional accessory suitable for the Redmi K20 Pro, but the Asian firm has already decided to include it as the standard charger for the POCO X2.

Although this utensil is new, what is not so new is the power with which it works. In fact, it is the The same charger that is included with a multitude of Xiaomi and POCO models.

The Chinese company has decided to market it separately and take advantage of its interesting features because it is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible. Therefore, it not only works like a charm with the phones of the different Xiaomi brands, but it also brings out all its power in all those smartphones that incorporate support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.