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Xiaomi reigns in Spain and OPPO soars in sales

Chinese mobile brands are the undisputed favorites of consumers in Spain

The technological war of the brands to conquer the consumer and that their smartphones are the chosen ones continues its course.

The Samsung leadership worldwide remains indisputable, but its growth rate is much lower than that of other emerging companies such as Xiaomi, which rides at a really dizzying pace (Its sales have increased 45% compared to 2019, by 2% from Samsung).

In Europe the behavior is similar, although a guest actor appears on the scene in the third quarter of the year who steps harder and harder as his devices gain relevance: OPPO. The Chinese firm is already the fifth operator that sells the most in the continent, adding a spectacular annual boom of 942% according to the latest Canalys report.

xiaomi and oppo reyes

Xiaomi and OPPO have many reasons to be happy in Spain.

But that of OPPO is not the only surprise within the western part of the Old Continent. If its entry into the Top-5 is striking, it is just as remarkable Huawei fall from the podium something, which, on the other hand, we all had in mind would happen sooner or later due to its well-known incompatibility with Google.

So, Xiaomi happens to be the third largest operator in Europe, behind Apple and Samsung.

The fourth place is for Huawei and the fifth for the aforementioned emerging OPPO.

list of best-selling smartphone brands via canalys

Top 5 smartphone sellers in Europe. Via Canalys.

In Spain they really like Chinese

Regarding the data for Spain, here we could apply a little that “life goes on the same”, although with nuances.

Xiaomi continues as the undisputed leader, accounting for 34% of smartphone sales in Spain. But that's not the only good news for the Chinese giant: their sales have grown 93% at an annual level, further stretching its distance with Samsung (second) and Huawei (third).

Now come the nuances. Yes, Huawei continues to be the third manufacturer that sells the most mobile phones in our country, but his disaster continues downhill and without brakes. The brand continues to lose followers and its number of phones sold is down 14% compared to last year.

And this is not all the bad news that Huawei will read today regarding its sales in Spain. OPPO comes with the accelerator fully depressed, unseating Apple itself in market share and it is already the fourth most chosen option in the territory with 8% of sales.

mobile sales in Spain

These are the 5 brands that sell the most mobile phones in Spain. Via Canalys.