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Xiaomi redesigns the power and volume menus in the MIUI 12 beta

The Chinese beta of MIUI 12 has added a new design for two of the most used menus on Xiaomi phones: the power and the volume. Vertical sliders, more minimalism and a certain air to iOS 14.

Xiaomi has not yet finished bringing MIUI 11 to a large part of its catalog, nor is Android 11 barely extended. Abundance of mobiles, numerous changes to take on at the software level and an evolution of said software that does not stop advancing. Just look at the changes that are being introduced in the Chinese beta of MIUI 12 to anticipate what will sooner or later reach the global and stable. And it looks like the design is going to be refined.

Multi-function off slider

Menu Miui buttons Appearance of the new MIUI 12 menus in beta. Screenshots of XDA Developers

It is what most attracts the attention of the renewed design of the MIUI 12 menus, which corresponds to the shutdown and restart options. As captured from the latest Chinese beta, after holding down the 'power' button, a slider jumps on the screen that allows turn off the mobile if it moves up and restart it if it slides down. It appears centered on the screen and its appearance is very similar to the Realme UI shutdown menu.

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The other menu that Xiaomi has tweaked is the volume one. MIUI 12 improves the aesthetics of the vertical sliders by implementing animation improvements and a new style for the different types of volume. By pressing the physical buttons, and pressing on the three menu points, the shortcuts for multimedia volume, telephone and alarm sound are displayed in white on a gray background, very similar to the aspect offered by the quick controls of iOS.


The redesign of the menus is already in the MIUI 12 beta, so it is still missing for it to reach mobile phones in a stable version. At first the power menu would be exclusive to Android 11; the volume would reach any Xiaomi with MIUI 12.

Via | XDA Developers