Xiaomi launches a new air conditioner with humidity control

With this Xiaomi air conditioner you will not only not get hot, but it is also quite economical.

The Xiaomi thing is from another world. Not content with launching phones every so often with an unbeatable quality-price ratio, to the point that the average consumer may find the brand's catalog a real chaos, it has also been presenting us with enough assiduity, multitude of electronic devices for both leisure and home.

This time it is a new low consumption air conditioning whose main feature, in addition to a fairly cheap price, is its double control of temperature and humidity.

Xiaomi presents its new line of air conditioning and what you will want to have in your home

Xiaomi air conditioner

Xiaomi air conditioners are not only cheap, but also very nice

Xiaomi is always thinking about our health and well-being, hence it does not want us to be hot next summer. That is why it has just presented a new line of air conditioners whose price is luckily suitable for all pockets.

As we read in Gizmochina, it is a new low consumption air conditioner that not only allows you to control the temperature, but also the humidity of the environment, ideal for humid and warm environments or places.

On the other hand, this Xiaomi air conditioner has another quite important feature that will make the product pristine, like the first day. It is a self-cleaning mode that effectively serves to automatically clean dirt. In addition to this, the device uses an antibacterial and anti-mold filter.

Of course we are dealing with a Xiaomi product and how could it be otherwise, this air conditioner can be controlled by voice commands. Its price? As low as $ 320 so it is suitable for all budgets.