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Xiaomi improves the camera of its mobiles with an extendable and mechanical lens

Xiaomi has unveiled a new lens for its mobile cameras that works in a similar way to the zoom of larger format cameras: thanks to an extendable optical assembly the mobile would expand the aperture of the sensor, the definition of the photos and it would enhance the effect of shakes

Currently the MIDC 2020 Xiaomi Developer Conference, a developers conference that seeks to offer a more attractive platform to all those who create apps for smartphones. And Xiaomi has not missed the opportunity to present news for its own brand, such as a new mechanical lens that seeks to improve the quality of photographs on smartphones. The appearance and operation is similar to what we can see in compact and professional cameras.

More light for the sensor, greater clarity and no vibrations

Despite what it may seem after observing the operation of the lens, Xiaomi's idea is not to increase the zoom of its cameras, but to give them a higher quality thanks to the characteristics that a lens incorporates that protrudes widely from the body of the phone. By extending its length, the sensor would receive a greater amount of light, which would allow you to obtain brighter photos. And I would add greater sharpness, improvements always on paper.

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Xiaomi has officially communicated the details of its new targets on Weibo. This statement was made within the framework of the brand's developer conference, MIDC 2020. And Xiaomi gave specific numbers on the image enhancement provided by the mechanical extendable lens:

  • 300% more light for the sensor. Thanks to the larger surface area of ​​the lens, the image would be brighter as the aperture can be enlarged and a greater amount of light is brought to the sensor.

  • 20% sharper. Xiaomi ensures that its technology notably improves the sharpness of the photos, always comparing with current mobile cameras.

  • New anti vibration technology. The lens would implement its own anti-shake mechanism, very similar to that offered by interchangeable mounts on professional cameras.

Xiaomi does not mention an improvement in the zoom of the cameras, but we cannot rule it out either since, by mechanically unfolding the lens, it also increases your focal length. We will see if the user can finally modify said length from the phone in order to enjoy a better telescopic zoom.

Xiaomi does not emphasize the zoom with the extendable lens, but on the theoretical improvement in illumination and sharpness of the images

Xiaomi's technology would allow keep more or less the current thickness of smartphones unfolding the lens when the mobile is preparing to take photos. Of course, it is not something entirely new since mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom already did something similar more than seven years ago (or the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom). We will see if Xiaomi manages to maintain the dimensions of its mobiles without sacrificing the lens extension mechanism.

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