Xiaomi has a robot vacuum cleaner with a 50% discount, only today

Don't worry, let this robot do all the work for you.

You can take one of Xiaomi's robot vacuum cleaners by 170 euros thanks to this AliExpress offer. The Xiaomi Mijia 1C will make your life a little easier, you can relax and let it suck for you.

You will have the possibility to configure it from your application and let it take care of everything, vacuuming and even scrubbing autonomously. These are all its characteristics.

xiaomi vacuum cleaner 1c

The Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner brings efficiency and effectiveness to your home

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This Xiaomi Mijia 1C arrives with a suction power of 2,500PA. It has 4 suction levels, it will be able to finish with the smallest particles, also with the most complicated ones. In addition, it has a 200 ml water tank that you will manage intelligently. What else are you going to ask for?