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Xiaomi has launched a hand warmer that is also a powerbank

Couldn't miss this week's crazy Xiaomi product. Up until this point we had seen everything from household products to even a tire inflator in case we suffered a puncture with the car or bicycle.

This time we bring you an ideal product for long and cold winter nights -or afternoons-, because if the Xiaomi jacket with adjustable temperature seemed like a pass, wait to see this hand warmer that is also a powerbank.

Warm our hands and charge the mobile, welcome to the future

Xiaomi hand warmer

Warm your hands and charge your mobile, what more can we ask for?

They have years of advantage on us. Who could bring to the market a gadget that in addition to warming our hands allows us to charge our mobile device? Well to Xiaomi obviously.

As we read in Gizmochina, the product is called ZMI Hand Warmer / Power bank and it is already in some Chinese stores like Youpin at a price of only $ 13. A really interesting price for everything it offers.

As for its function as a hand warmer, there is little more to add since it serves the same purpose. Ideal for when we are on the street or in a very cold room, so you don't have to keep your hands in your pocket all day.

Although the important thing is that this little gadget also has a 5,000 mAh battery inside that, in addition to allowing the use of the hand warmer function for a period of between 2 and 4 hours, also serves to charge any mobile device. According to the manufacturer, it charges an iPhone 12 in just 54 minutes, which is honestly not bad at all. Of course it also allows you to charge other devices such as wireless headphones.

Of course, as they tell us and for security reasons, the product does not allow to warm hands and charge a device at the same time so if we are using one function the other will be disabled.