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Windows 10 Search has a great hidden feature for searching using screenshots - here's how to use it

Windows 10 is usually loaded with Useful little features that go unnoticed by most users. One that we always mention in Genbeta is the very useful clipboard history, other examples are things like the almost hidden video editor that integrates the system.

In a similar spirit we want to speak of the search with screenshots that recently integrated the same system. It is basically the same as using the web browser to search by uploading an image, but it works directly from Windows 10 search.

Windows + S + Capture

Search With A Screenshot Windows 10

All you have to do to use it is to open Windows search, that is, by pressing Windows key + S. Once open, there you will see a icon at the bottom right of the panel.

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When you click for the first time, you will see a notice telling you that Windows will search online with Bing using your screenshot, and obviously Microsoft's search engine will use that image in its processing services.

Windows 10 Search With Screenshot

If you accept that part, then you can go to draw any section of the screen to take your capture, just like with the Snipping Tool. So you can basically crop any image on your system or in the same browser or any other app, and use it to search.

Search With Screenshot

Once you do the cropping, the screenshot is automatically uploaded to Bing and the search results open in a new tab in your browser. Perhaps the only downside here is that this search will always show the results in Bing and not in your default browser, use the browser you use.