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Why Xiaomi is called Xiaomi according to its founder

Where does the name Xiaomi come from? Discover one of the most curious secrets in the history of the Chinese company.

If you ever wonder where does the name Xiaomi come fromToday you will have the answer from the very founder of the company.

Lei Jun, co-founder and current CEO of the Beijing firm of electronic devices and Internet services, has wanted to clarify one of the more widespread doubts about the company, giving a review of the origins of the brand and taking the opportunity to reveal some of the best kept secrets of Xiaomi.

Much more than a grain of rice


The logo and some of the latest Xiaomi phones.

This is not the first time we have heard of how the Xiaomi name refers to the Chinese word that refers to millet or rice. But the truth is that there is much more behind this name.

Lei Jun himself has more than once linked the "Xiao" part of the brand name with a Buddhist concept that indicates that "a single grain of rice from a Buddhist is as big as a mountain."

Under this popular saying, Xiaomi implies its philosophy of work from small things to reach something much bigger. In fact, much of the company's board of directors decided to use that name as soon as someone proposed it, stating that “The Internet is inherently elusive. We will not take the big but the small. Let's call it Xiaomi ”.

As for the “My” part, it is certainly not so philosophical or funny, as it is an acronym for “Mobile Internet”, the two fields that the company aspires to conquer through its products and services.

However, on occasion the directors of the firm have spoken of what could have been the other names of Xiaomi. In that sense, Jun talks about how the firm considered names such as "Red Star", "Red Pepper" and "Black Rice" to give a name to the firm that would one day become one of the largest in the world within the industry telephone.

This is just one of the many curiosities about Xiaomi that many people do not know, not even its most staunch fans. Another equally interesting is the meaning of the letters X, C, A ... that the firm uses to name some of its mobiles.