When Pepsi launched its own mobile phone

A Pepsi Android phone? It was real, and today you can still buy it.

In 2015, when Xiaomi and company began to pose a serious threat to the most popular firms in the West, they happened pretty strange things in the telephone industry. One of them was the arrival of first Android smartphone created by Pepsi.

Yes, the soft drink brand.

At the time we already talked about the so-called Pepsi P1S, the second installment of a Android phone series created by the American company that only had two members - the P1 and the P1S - and whose reception by the public was not exactly positive.

Pepsi P1S featured

Pepsi P1S, the first and only mobile in the history of Pepsi.

This was the Pepsi P1 and P1S

The Pepsi Android phones they were not very different from other contemporary terminals: they had a aluminum body with a not too original design, a standard size screen –5.5 inches and Full HD resolution– and a MediaTek processor. Nothing special.

In fact, ** its aesthetics were quite similar to that of Huawei or Xiaomi models ** such as the Redmi Note 3 or the Huawei Mate 7.

Logically, what was truly striking and special was the logo that occupied its back. An image that most of the public was used to seeing in their soda cans, and that for the first time in history was captured on the back of a smartphone.

And it's not that the results were exactly positive. To this day, the P1S project is still available on the Chinese-origin online store JD.com, where crowdfunding goal not yet met marked by Pepsi from the beginning. Currently, in addition, the Pepsi P1S can still be purchased in some stores at a price close to 150 euros.

Pepsi P1s

The Pepsi P1S, the first mobile in the history of Pepsi.

Of the P1 model, in addition, only 1,000 units were put on sale, at a price close to 100 euros to change. But even so, Pepsi did not manage to gain a foothold in the telephone market. Perhaps the story would have been different if Coca Cola whoever was behind a project like this.