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When can you (really) buy the spectacular OPPO X 2021 rollable?

After marveling the world with its OPPO X 2021, now the Chinese firm says that "there is no short-term plan" to sell it ... But let's see, when will it arrive then?

It seems to confirm that roll-up mobiles are already the latest trend in an industry that continues to look for its future in the jar of essences, first showing us folding smartphones that are already a reality at the hands of Samsung –Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold2 through- and Huawei -with its very expensive Mate Xs-; for now amaze the respectable with these foldout designs so spectacular.

We first saw TCL show its first prototypes blushing at a Samsung that has not taken long to show that it was indeed also on this track at its headquarters in South Korea, although after what has been seen in recent days it seems that it was OPPO who had a roll-up mobile more advanced, already with the denomination OPPO X 2021 and letting us glimpse dates.

In any case, and thus being the time to talk about a commercialization of this type of mobile, it seems that we will have to spend a little more patience, because although OPPO has left us speechless this race has only just begun and we won't see roller devices anytime soon, at least following statements by the Chinese manufacturer itself to Android Authority after the presentation of its latest design exercise.

oppo mobile x 2012

There is no "short term" plan at OPPO to market roll-up smartphones.

OPPO shows us the candy, and now it tells us that it does not exist "A short-term plan"

According to what has been seen, surely these mobiles with screens that fold on themselves and unfold through a roll-up mechanism are the industry's best alternatives to hinged folding mobiles, which, as you know, have the handicap of the visible fold on the panel.

Obviously and on the outside, they maintain the appearance of a smartphone in use that also has a screen on the side frames, avoiding problems of fragility and / or complications of use due to the form factor. In addition, it allows you to display your screen when we need it in a more natural way.

In this case OPPO has chosen to build a 6.7-inch smartphone which, from the side and by means of an automatic mechanism, can unfold another piece of screen to get a diagonal of 7.4 inches more in line with the experience of a tablet.

It is almost magic, as you will see in the video posted by Dongguan manufacturer:

The alternative is already on the table, the hype achieved and the media machinery still spinning, although it did not take long for OPPO to throw a jug of cold water on us saying yes, it is indeed possible and they have already built a functional prototype, which nevertheless requires market research and a commercial justification. they don't have yet.

They say from OPPO that "There are no plans in the short term" for the marketing of this striking X 2021 model, confirming in passing that your screen is covered with a plastic multimeter that seeks hardness and resistance, without actually using materials similar to 'Ultra Thin Glass' from Samsung.

Although there is no plan for its commercialization in the short term, it will serve as a guide for the transformation and evolution of the form factors of our future products. Marketing [del OPPO X 2021] it requires market research and business justification, and that may take some time.

This is the OPPO X 2021

This is the OPPO X 2021, with a roll-up design and a spectacular aura.

At least they already confirm that will not be left in a design exercise like Xiaomi's Mi MIX Alpha, and that indeed its prototype will serve to lay the foundation for your next products helping R&D teams to focus the shot and develop other designs with similar solutions.

Be that as it may, We know that OPPO will launch its rollable smartphone when others do, and although we already have Samsung in the race with its new president using prototypes already in public, it seems that this time the first and most advanced is LG's Project B, which should arrive according to Korean sources throughout the month of March 2021.

So yes, if folding mobiles did not convince you and these unrolling designs make you more dumb, you should know that 2021 will surely be the year the first models arrive destinated to 'early birds' with exorbitant prices and youth problems, something that will improve for 2022 with total security ... Are we already making a hole for them, or is it that you don't see any sense in these?