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WhatsApp will allow you to silence a video before sending it

A small, but useful novelty, is on the way to WhatsApp: power mute a video before sending it. The novelty has been discovered in the Android beta by WaBetaInfo, although it is not yet active for users.

When sending a video on WhatsApp, the application gives you the option to add text, stickers, doodles and cut the duration of the video, but unlike other applications, such as Instagram, the sound kept unless you cropped it to be so short that it became a GIF.

You can send silent videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is already working on an additional editing function before attaching a video to a chat: remove the sound. Thus, if you have recorded a video in which there is background sound that is not interesting, is irrelevant or you simply do not want it to be included, you can deactivate it.

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The operation is the same as in similar applications: by pressing on the speaker icon you can mute a video before sending it to a chat, group or as a publication in one of your WhatsApp statuses.


It's a small, albeit useful, change that it probably won't take too long to see active in the beta version of the app. Until now, if you want to mute a video before sending it, you will have to use a video editing app, which takes more time than simply pressing a button before sending it.

Via | WaBetaInfo