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WhatsApp Beta allows you to use a different background for each chat, add new emojis and prepare to "read later"

News continues to arrive in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. After temporary messages were finally activated for all users, now is the time for personalization. WhatsApp Beta adds more customization options for a chat background and new backgrounds.

Also, the latest beta of WhatsApp incorporates the latest Unicode emojis (ninja, realistic heart, boomerang and many more) and we have new clues about how vacation mode will work, which will not be such, but will end up called Read Later.

Backgrounds for each chat and with more options

Let's start with what is already available to any user who installs the latest beta version of WhatsApp, version or higher. We have a pleasant surprise regarding the customization of the application, and that is the wallpaper settings have been completely revamped for a chat.

In-depth comparison of messaging apps on Android

The way to access is the same (menu - Wallpaper), but what you will find next is a window where you are shown four categories of backgrounds: light, dark, solid colors or your photos. At first, WhatsApp Beta includes 31 light backgrounds, 29 dark backgrounds and 27 solid colors, which may or may not include the characteristic WhatsApp pattern on top.


However, the most important novelty occurs when choosing a fund, as WhatsApp asks you if you want use the background only in this chat or in all. In other words, WhatsApp finally allows you to choose a different wallpaper for each chat. From the selection screen you can also delete the custom wallpaper and return to the default.

New emojis


The latest beta version of WhatsApp incorporates the emojis from version 13.0 of Unicode. There are 113 new emojis including the ninja, a human heart, the dodo, the smiley face with a tear, the beaver, the polar bear and many more. You can consult the entire list, with 117 new emojis, in the emojipedia.

Read later

Another change discovered by WaBetaInfo in the beta version of WhatsApp, but which is not yet active for users, is the evolution of what was once called vacation mode. Finally, it seems his name will be more mundane and he will be called Read later.

Read next

WhatsApp will change archived messages to Read later, the main difference being that you will not receive notifications of messages marked as to read later, in addition to don't go back to the chat list as soon as they receive new messages.

Yes, if you prefer maintain previous behavior -that is, that they are "unarchived" when they receive new messages- it seems that there will be an adjustment to be able to keep moving the messages marked as to be read later to the active list, as before.

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