what it is, what it offers, prices and how to contract

Amazon Photos is already one of the best alternatives to Google Photos. We explain what it is, what its prices are and how to hire it to save your images there.

Amazon has a cloud image storage platform set to be very important in the near future. His name is Amazon Photos and it is already considered one of the best alternatives to Google Photos.

If you still do not know what exactly this service is for, with the help of this guide you will be able to know what is Amazon Photos, what does it offer you as a user, what are the prices of their different plans and the most important, how can you hire it.

As they are direct rivals, We will also compare Amazon Photos with Google Photos to find the main differences that can lead the game to one side or the other.

Both platforms take care of keep all the pictures in your life safe, so it is worth paying attention to choose the best alternative.

What is Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos is a photo and video storage service in the cloud created by Amazon that has a app for mobile devices, a desktop app and a web version. This brings us to one of the best features of the platform, and that is that the stored images can be accessed from different devices, like your mobile, tablet or PC.

In addition to viewing the images even if you do not have them in the device storage, you can also organize them by albums, share them with other users and delete them permanently when you don't want to keep saving them. If you want a photo or video not to be shown in the platform's gallery, you can send it to "Hidden elements".

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is Amazon's cloud photo storage platform.

On the other hand, if you have the Amazon Photos app on your mobile, you can also save backups automatically to protect all the content of the terminal in case of theft or damage.

Another function to highlight is the one that is responsible for analyzing and recognizing the images so that you can look for people, places or objects. You can also create a "Digital file", a kind of album shared with 5 other people -families and / or friends- in which you can save photos and videos in a common way.

In short, what Amazon Photos offers you is a safe place in the cloud to store your photos and videos without fear of losing them when you have a problem with the device in which you store them, for example, if your computer breaks down.

How high are the photos uploaded?

Amazon Photos stores all the photos you upload with its original quality, that is, it does not reduce its resolution to save space.

In this sense, you can rest easy because, unlike other platforms, save your photos in Amazon Photos does not compromise the original quality of your images.

How can I get Amazon Photos and what is its price?

Amazon Photos has several rates that adapt to the different needs of users. First of all, you should know that any user registered in Amazon has 5 GB free storage to save your photos and videos.

Second, and as information that you may not know, if you are Amazon Prime user you have access to unlimited storage and free - no, you don't have to pay more - to save all your images in Amazon Photos.

Regarding the video, Amazon premium users can store for free up to 5 GB of content. If you are not a Prime user yet, you can easily subscribe to Amazon Prime to enjoy its great benefits, including this unlimited storage of images that we talked about.

If you don't want to be a Prime user, but want to have more than those 5 GB that Amazon Photos offers for free, you can subscribe to one of the two platform payment plans:

  • 100 GB: by 1.99 euros per month, you can have 100 GB of storage in Amazon Photos.
  • 1 TB: by 9.99 euros per month, you have up to 1 TB to store all your photos and videos.

In short, we can conclude that Amazon Photos has unlimited storage for all Prime users, 5 GB free for any user who registers with Amazon and two payment plans of 100 GB and 1 TB for which you have to pay 1.99 and 9 , 99 euros per month respectively.

The options are vast, and the last decision is up to you. Analyze the different rates and decide which one best suits your storage needs.

Amazon Photos review: is it worth it?

Amazon Photos has been in the Amazon service catalog for a while, but it is not yet widely popular with users. This is not to say that the storage service is bad, since offers all the basic functions that we can ask a platform of this type.

After testing Amazon Photos, we can conclude that it is a good alternative to save your photos and videos in the cloud, especially if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime. If what you are looking for is power storing your images without complications and access them from different devices without paying, Amazon Photos is the solution.

Also has cool features like "Family File", to share an album with your family or friends, and "Hidden items", where you can save those images that you don't want to be shown in the main gallery.

Amazon Photos is a simple but useful tool, which is getting more and more attention from Amazon. This will surely be reflected in the introduction of improvements and new functions in the near future.

But Amazon Photos does not have it easy to lead in the market for image storage services in the cloud, before it has to surpass a more than consolidated platform called Google Photos.

Is it really worth leaving the Google service to switch to Amazon? We compare Amazon Photos with Google Photos to tell you what their main differences are, those that can tip the balance to one side or the other.

Amazon Photos vs Google Photos: main differences

Comparison Amazon Photos vs Google Photos

We compare Amazon Photos with Google Photos to find their main differences.

Google Photos is a platform that carries years leading the way in cloud image storage it means. This is directly reflected when comparing it with Amazon Photos, a service that still does not have much of a journey ahead of it.

Both options have things in common, such as the fact of being able to access from different devices, save mobile backups, organize images in folders and edit them, or the existence of the trash can so as not to delete files directly.

However, the main differences are found in the more advanced features. While in Google Photos you can turn your images into collages, make movies and animations with them, or receive recommendations from your artificial intelligence, in Amazon Photos this is not possible.

In addition, on the Google platform we find a very useful video editor to avoid downloading video editing apps, while in Amazon Photos this functionality is not present.

We must not overlook the detail of the price of both platforms. We already know that Google Photos is going to eliminate free unlimited storage, so you will have to pay if you want more than 15 GB free that will offer the Google service. These will be your rates:

Plan15 GB plan100 GB plan200 GB planPlan 2 TB20 TB Plan30 TB Plan
PriceFree€ 1.99 / month or € 19.99 / year2.99 euros / month or 29.99 euros / year9.99 euros / month or 99.99 euros / year199.99 euros / month299.99 euros / month
Storage15 GB100 GB200 GB2 TB20 TB30 TB
Expert helpNoYesYesYesYesYes
Advantages for subscribersNoYesYesYesYesYes

Thus, if you are an Amazon Prime user, it is best to transfer your photos from Google Photos to Amazon Photos to continue storing your images without worrying about the limit Of space. It is true that Google Photos will offer 15 GB for free - instead of Amazon's 5 GB - and that its payment plans are cheaper than those of its rival, but the unlimited storage will disappear from June 1, 2021.

For now Google Photos is the best storage platform if you want to enjoy advanced features beyond storing and lightly editing your images. Plus, it offers more free GB and cheaper paid plans. However, free unlimited storage for Prime customers is point in favor of Amazon Photos.

It's all about analyze the different alternatives and choose the one that best suits your tastes. If you are looking for a great storage platform, Google Photos is the answer, since it reflects all your years of travel. If you are looking for unlimited storage, it is worth paying the 36 euros per year of Prime to enjoy this advantage. It's up to you.