wallpapers come to Android Auto

It seemed that Google had forgotten about Android Auto after presenting the Open Automotive Alliance and its idea of ​​bringing Android to cars, although today we have news of some of the most requested improvements in Android Auto such as customization ... How about new, google?

It won't be a success until car manufacturers make life easier for us with wireless connectivity and greater ease of integration and use, but the truth is that despite the Open Automotive Alliance and its idea of ​​bringing Android to cars - something that Volvo has liked it more than anyone - it seems that Google is not abandoning Android Auto yet presenting some of the most anticipated and requested improvements by users.

In fact, we already know that all updated mobiles will be able to use wireless Android Auto if the car allows it, and also that the number of compatible brands and vehicles continues to grow, although users kept asking for a greater number of applications and more customization options on the simplified desktop, specifically designed to increase safety behind the wheel, giving the Google Assistant the limelight.

Now, 9to5Google presents the improvements that developers have anticipated with the traditional decompiled ones, which allow analyzing with a magnifying glass the latest version of Android Auto, v5.8, which apparently already has strings in its code that they give a glimpse of a future with wallpapers customizable also in the Android interface for the car.

Android Auto at BMW

Android Auto running on the multimedia system of a BMW.

Android Auto will soon allow you to select wallpapers and configure custom shortcuts for Assistant

In this case we not only have the good news of that possibility of customizing the wallpaper, fierce request from users, and there are two very important news that we will soon see in Android Auto, the second is custom shortcuts for Google Assistant in the vehicle environment.

The only but of all this is that unfortunately we will not be able to choose the wallpaper that we want in our gallery, and that is Google will offer a preset collection that we already know, and that here we show you directly:

The wallpaper settings are not active yet, but it is already in the application code together with these predefined images, although obviously from here to the official launch there could be changes in functionality. In fact, the developers themselves target these custom backgrounds with a string called "Custom_wallpaper_selection_title", but it does not seem that this possibility will occur initially.

As for the shortcuts for the Google Assistant, it seems that one of the possibilities that users most waited for is finally approaching, and that is right now Android Auto already supports various Assistant shortcuts for calendar appointments and other basic options.

Now, it seems that Google will finally offer the possibility of customize these shortcuts from scratch, using the option "Customize application menu" in the Android Auto app. Just write the text you want to tell Google Assistant, give it a name and an icon when saving, and you're done.

I already eat 'bonus track', in the code strings you can see Complete Google Assistant routines that could revert to Android AutoAlthough the new routines have been available since the beginning of the year, they are not officially compatible with the Android desktop for cars. In 2018, an embryo of these routines already worked for a while in Android Auto.

Finally, new strings anticipate a notice in Android Auto that would explain that VPN servers could block the proper functioning of the application, something that we do not know about its motivations but that could indicate that Android Auto will stop working soon if we keep VPN services activated.

They are not too much novelty nor are they excessively juicy, but at least something is something and Google shows us that Android Auto is still alive and waiting for car manufacturers to also make our lives easier with the wireless connectivity of the service ... Or is it that someone always plugs in their mobile as soon as they start the car?