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"Walk" and virtually visit Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and a good handful of cities on this website

Many of us miss the time when it was possible to travel to other countries, roam its streets without fear of contagion or being infected, soaking up the architecture, the people and the local gastronomy.

We are getting closer to the end of 2020, and it seems that we will still have a long way to go before we can recover that normal, and that is why proposals such as 'City Walks' can become so necessary.

Traveling and walking at the touch of a browser

This web page invites us to walk, virtually, through some of the most touristic cities on the planet: Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Mexico City, Tokyo, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro or Dubai.

On the right side we will find the drop-down menu in which we can select the city for which we want walk and three very interesting options: if we want it to be day or night, before or during the "Covid era" and if we want to turn the sound on or off.

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It's great, at least for a while, to go changing from city to city, see the buildings, the vegetation, how people dress, what kinds of cars abound and (above all) how each of them sounds.

Aristomenis Georgiopoulos Profile On Product Hunt

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Aristomenis Georgiopoulos, in addition to having a spectacular name, is the developer behind this project. He declares that for the last ten years he has worked as a software engineer, a passion he shares with traveling.

"Since travel is not an option today, I have used my professional knowledge to create a platform where everyone can have the joy of traveling."

This developer ensures that was inspired by Drive & Listen (drive and listen), a page that we talked about this summer and that, instead of walking, invites us to get to know the cities by car and through local radio.