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Vivo presents OriginOS, a new interface completely redesigned for its mobiles

Like many other manufacturers, Vivo also has a proprietary layer that runs and evolves on Android. It is FunTouch OS and this layer was the one that accompanied the brand in its transition to Europe, as well as to other parts of the world. But nevertheless, China is different in terms of tastes and the manufacturer has decided to adapt its interface to more international tastes.

Thus, following a path that OnePlus already traveled when it abandoned Color OS to embrace Oxygen OS, Vivo officially presents OriginOS, a proprietary layer to replace your FunTouch OS that was previously leaked and is now a reality. A layer that distances itself from its predecessor, but still allows us to opt for the original Vivo design in your country.

A new, more dynamic and customizable design

Vivo Originos Sky Background 675x389

The OriginOS announcement has been produced in its own country, although it has been broadcast via streaming for the rest of the territories. In this streaming, Vivo has made it official that OriginOS is its new interface and that it introduces significant changes in design with respect to the previous layer, although we can return to FunTouch OS whenever we want with a single touch in the configuration of our phone.

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Customizable and groupable widgets on the new OriginOS desktops

OriginOS redesigns the desktop of Vivo phones with a layout of widgets and app icons that is powerfully reminiscent of iOS 14, which in turn took over Android widgets. A full-blown feedback that, for Vivo, culminates in the new OriginOS. The icons can be grouped in folders or also integrated with the widgets themselves, in the calls'Nano Alerts' that automatically update tile-style or useful Windows for mobile.

The size of these widgets is variable so that we can create unique compositions on our desktop by combining them with app icons, shortcuts and more. The wallpapers are also renewed on OriginOS and now we have dynamic backgrounds showing, for example, the current weather in the form of wind, clouds and different illuminations for solar time. These backgrounds are brighter during the day and darker at night, thus allowing them to adapt to the necessary brightness of the screen and a possible dark mode programmed by us.

Origin Os

Apart from these aesthetic changes, moving away from the usual overload of colors and shapes preferred in China and closer to a clean Android such as the stock version, Vivo has not provided more information about OriginOS. We are waiting to know when it will be released globally or which phones will be supported with that interface once it is available. Maybe tomorrow, with the company's developer conference still going on, we'll have some extra information.

Via | Android Authority