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Vivaldi has created its own email client integrated directly into the browser

Vivaldi is one of our alternative browsers favorites, and one that has always stood out for its long list of unique functions designed for power users, and a lot of customization options.

In that same spirit, its creators are already testing Vivaldi Mail, an email client integrated directly into the browser, which also offers Calendar and RSS reader, but which is currently in a technical preview version.

Your email in the side panel

Vivaldi Mail

As with things like the note manager and text editor, Vivaldi's mail client lives in the side panel of the browser, where most of your productivity tools come together.

Vivaldi Mail is compatible with all third-party services that offer POP3, IMAP and SMTP mail servers, sites that broadcast RSS and ATOM feeds, and calendars that support the ICS format and can be synchronized through CalDAV.

Mail Composer 1024x668

You can connect all the accounts you want to check your emails even offline

You can use your Gmail or Outlook account, or pro privacy services like Fastmail. Although, at least for now, you may have problems logging in because it is in preview, you can only test Vivaldi Mail through the latest browser snapshot which is basically like the Canary version, that is, less stable than a beta.

Vivaldi is more and more than a browser: its latest version includes a complete notes manager ideal for productivity

In addition to this, after downloading the snapshot you will have to go to vivaldi: // experiments to activate the function since it is deactivated by default because it is experimental. Then you must restart the browser and the new Mail icon will automatically appear in the side panel, from there you can configure your accounts.

Despite being an experimental feature, Vivaldi Mail looks pretty good, and will be especially useful for those who use web applications for almost everything. Vivaldi saves us from having extra tabs open, and every time it has more and more functions that avoid having to install additional plugins.