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Ventusky, a very colorful app to check the weather on your Android mobile

Most applications to see the weather on Android are more or less the same: a summary of minimum and maximum temperatures, whether rain is expected or not and little else, all in a package that can be more or less beautiful. Ventusky is a little different, focusing more than anything on colorful maps.

The app is similar to in displaying the weather conditions with animations showing the wind direction and with colors indicating directly on the map temperature, rainfall or other data.

They don't tell you the time: you see it


Traditional weather maps - for example, those that appear on TV - generally are limited to include a sun, a cloud or another representative icon of the most important cities or regions, perhaps with some additional data such as temperature. Ventusky is more or less the same, but using animations and colors to show you the weather forecast in a way that is nice to see.

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The free version is fully functional and allows you to view the temperature, precipitation and radar directly on the map. A curiosity is that each of these data is available according to measurement at different heights: from 5 cm above ground to 30,000 meters. Did you ever wonder what the temperature was outside the plane? Well now you can see it. Other details such as wind speed, air pressure, waves, storms or drive are available for 2.99 euros per year.

It also tells you the time "in Christian"


Okay, visually it's very pretty, but is it going to rain tomorrow or not? You could technically research it by consulting and interpreting the map and feel like a meteorologist, but it is not necessary. At all times the weather forecast is shown at the bottom of the window, and you can expand for more details.

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To be honest, this section is not as successful as the map itself, although it does the job of telling you the old-fashioned weather forecast: with data. The forecast, up to ten days It covers all the basic data like temperature, rainfall, wind direction and strength. Other secondary data such as web cameras in the area or the position of the Sun and Moon are also added to the mix.

Widget The widget is not as pretty as the map, really

In short, it is a curious application to see the weather forecast directly on the map and in a very showy way. Other parts of the app could be polished a bit more, but if you're tired of the same weather apps over and over, here's a slightly different one.

Ventusky: Weather

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