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twice as many users do it according to Together Price

The health, economic and social crisis derived from the pandemic by coronavirus As of March and for several months, it meant severe mobility limitations in Spain. A situation that changed in the way many companies work and changes in digital entertainment consumption.

Specifically, subscription sharing has skyrocketed. One of the leading group subscription management platforms, Together Price, registered an increase in users of nearly 90% during the month of March.

Shared subscriptions to VOD platforms and online games doubled in Spain during the coronavirus crisis

Shared subscriptions are doubled

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Restrictions on movement and, also, a battered economic situation that encourages contracting spending, are the causes that explain for this platform that demand for its services increased by 88% maintaining an average monthly growth of 64% from March to June in Spain.

Together Price currently has 300,000 active subscribers that share video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or Prime Video, as well as online gaming services such as Nintendo Switch Online or other types of subscriptions that can be shared such as Office 365.

The changes in the consumption of digital entertainment went further during the first wave, taking as protagonist the limitation of quality of various platforms

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Search trends for the string "share netflix" on Google.

These figures translate into a duplication of subscriptions shared through this system, with those peaks during the beginning of the most restrictive measures that perfectly coincide with the search trends that we observe in Google for the chain "share Netflix".

Changes in digital entertainment consumption went further during the first wave taking as protagonist the limitation of quality of various platforms following the request of the European Union and the finding that a saturation of the network could be possible due to the greater consumption of this type of content at all hours and the increase in teleworking.