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tweets in story format that disappear in 24 hours

At the beginning of March we had the first news about Fleets, the temporary tweets from Twitter. With a design quite similar to that of the stories of other social networks, this format allows share content that is deleted after 24 hours.

After its test phase in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea, Fleets is now ready to land in the rest of the world and, according to Twitter, it will land on both iOS and Android in the coming days. In the same way, we already have the first official images of this new format, so let's take a look at it to see what it offers.

Tweets 24h in story format

Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets are a new way of sharing information on the social network. Instead of posting tweets in the normal way, this new tool allows us to create posts in story format, being able to publish photos, texts, share tweets and others, in vertical format and with a duration of 24 hours.

As in apps like Instagram, these contents will be seen at the top of the app, as soon as you open it

These contents can be seen both within our profile and in the top line of your tweet line. This means that when you open Twitter, you will see the "stories" above, as already happens in applications like Instagram.

These fleets cannot be liked or retweeted, they are completely separate content from tweets, although you can react to them using emojis. Similarly, you can reply by direct message. To create a Fleet we will only have to give our profile photo to add it and if we want to share any tweet in a Fleet, we will have a dedicated button for it: 'share on Fleet'.

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Audio Spaces

Along with these fleets come voice spaces, a function through which, through these Fleets, we can create private groups in which we will communicate through voice. It is a rather curious format, a kind of online call without video, in which we communicate by audio and requesting the turn.

Twitter indicates that Fleets will come to both Android and iOS "in the next few days", so make sure we have the app updated to enjoy this new content.