Tweek is a free service for those who bet on minimalism

One of the best ways to organize tasks (personal or work) is to do it weekly, being able to check at a quick glance everything that we have pending in the next seven days.

That is precisely what Tweek proposes, a new service that only offers a blank weekly template. Its creators assure that its simplicity will help us "to stay focused and improve our productivity from week to week".


All tied up, week by week

As soon as we enter the service we realize this commitment to minimalism, with a design reminiscent of classic paper cards in which people usually write down quotes from books or things that should not be forgotten.

The first thing we will have to do is create an account (we can do it through a Google account) to have all our tasks safe and synchronized between devices.

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In the upper right we will see two arrows that allow us to move forward or backward between weeks. We can see that weekdays take up more space than weekends, something that makes a lot of sense.

Below appears a section that is really important: "Someday" (someday). Here we can write down those tasks that do not yet have a date but that we must not lose sight of, and thus assign them later to a specific day.

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To start adding tasks is as simple as clicking one of the lines for those days and adding an entry. Then we can drag them to change their order and if we click on them we can change the color (to highlight or organize them by projects).

Weekly To Do List Calendar Online Printable Tweek So

There is an app for iOS / iPadOS and Android, and all these features are totally free. There is a "pro" plan, which for $ 2.83 per month allows us to import events from our Google Calendar.

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It's more of a blank canvas than just another platform you have to adapt to

Further, the pro plan gives us access to other functionalities: access to more colors to label tasks, add notes, dark mode, reminders or more options when exporting.

A positive point is that always we have the option to print it (Cmd + P in macOS or Ctrl + P in Windows) and thus have all the tasks in view. The truth is that he feels a tool that promises a lot, and it is appreciated that it is more a blank canvas than a platform to which you must adapt.