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try this Google website that transforms your lines into terrifying creatures

A few years ago, designing fantastic creatures for a digital illustration, an animation series or a video game took a lot of effort (leaving aside imagination and technical knowledge).

Google just launched a tool that allows us to do it in a matter of minutes, and the results speak for themselves. They've dubbed it Chimera Painter, and it's a quick way to make your nightmares come true.

"A brush as an assistant"

This web application is a kind of Paint for fans of Guillermo del Toro, since with very vague strokes we'll see a terrifying creature come to life and super well defined.

A kind of Paint for fans of Guillermo del Toro

In the left part of this tool we have the area in which to draw, selected with each color the different parts of our creature: head, mouth, ears, wings, teeth, eyes or tail.

On the right side, Chimera Painter will be in charge of interpreting our strokes and bring a fantastic creature to life. Obviously, we can save the resulting image on our computer.

Chimera Painter

Google has created this new machine learning model that "acts like a paintbrush and could reduce the amount of time it takes to create high-quality art without sacrificing artistic decisions."

"Creating art for digital video games requires a high degree of artistic creativity and technical know-how, while requiring artists to quickly iterate ideas and produce large volumes of assets, often on tight deadlines.

What if artists had a brush that acted less like a tool and more like an assistant? "

In fact, Google claims that thanks to Chimera Painter we can "even increase creativity." The truth is that the result is quite impressive, and they look like creatures that we could find in universes like 'Magic: The Gathering' or 'Hearthstone'.

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Through an entry on its blog, Google explains both the operation and the reasons that led the company to create this tool. They declare that, for the moment,"it's just a prototype", although it shows that software like this "will help reduce the amount of time required to create high-quality art."