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Triller, the new short video application that has hired Neymar Jr. exclusively by removing him from TikTok

Without making too much noise, an application of short videos of a musical nature called Triller registered 250 million downloads in September. A platform that has focused on urban reference artists, has allied with global record companies such as Sony, Universal or Warner and more recently he has removed the soccer player Neymar Jr. from TikTok. Yes, how it sounds.

Within its growth strategy, the platform has signed a collaboration agreement with the soccer star to make him an ambassador of Triller and, therefore, in a deserter from TikTok. The cost of this union has not transcended.

Neymar Jr. just became an ambassador for a rival TikTok app, Triller, leaving the ByteDance platform

Neymar, in fact, posted a video in his different social networks, in which he is quite active, in which he encouraged his followers to follow him in the new app including a nod to Marshmello, American producer and DJ also Triller's ambassador. On TikTok he accumulated about 8 million followers.

What is Triller?


Triller, unequivocally, emerges in the heat of TikTok. Those responsible for this new platform created just a few months ago define it as an application that allows you to create and share music videos, as well as a place to discover new musical talents. The connection with music, for now, is one of its pillars.

This platform plays as one of its strengths the presence of artificial intelligence in its operation. They claim that it is "powered" by it and that users can create "professional quality videos in seconds."

Triller emerges in the heat of TikTok although it is strongly linked to music and claims to be "powered" by artificial intelligence

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The operation of the application, available for both Android and iOS, will not be strange to most. We choose a song, we select a specific fragment that we want to use, different takes are recorded and, by pressing a button, we have our own video clip.

From Triller claim that they depend "solely on organic growth", yes, sponsored by the presence on the platform of faces known as Alicia Keys, Cardi B, Marshmello, Roddy Ricch and Eminem. International artists like these, also Spanish like Kidd Keo or Aleesha Rose, regularly use the application, thus influencing their followers.