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top five distros that use KDE Plasma as a desktop environment

When you enter the world of Linux distributions, it is easy to start to have the attention level of a bee and start jumping from flower to flower trying new things. There are always plenty of options and curiosity pushes us to download that other ISO to see how it works.

I am one of those who believe that in recent years the KDE Plasma desktop has become the best Linux environment today, and there are many distros that offer it as the main desktop, or at least as one of its most important flavors. If you're interested in using a KDE distro, the following are some of the best alternatives:

KDE Neon

Kde Neon

By far my favorite, KDE Neon is perhaps the simplest way to have your KDE desktop always updated to the latest version of the environment. It is an Ubuntu LTS based distro that always has the latest software from the KDE community.

It is a "pure" Plasma experience where you can test each and every one of the characteristics of the environment developed for the project. It is a very solid distro, very well optimized, modern and stable, and also beautiful and extremely customizable.

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This distro is another great success when it comes to implementing KDE Plasma. KaOS is presented as a lightweight distribution focused on KDE and Qt. It is an independent project designed to offer a distro rolling releaseIn other words, one that is always up to date with the most up-to-date Plasma desktop.

KaOS also is specifically intended for those users who have tried many systems or distros in their life and that they have already convinced themselves that KDE is the best for them. Although they have limited repositories, they use Pacman as a package manager so it is easy for you to find most of the software you need.



For some the flavor of Ubuntu that should be the main distribution. Kubuntu is simply Ubuntu with KDE instead of GNOME, and it is in my opinion and that of a certain group of people, the best version of Ubuntu currently available.

Kubuntu may not be as exciting as KDE Neon or KaOS, nor does it update as fast, but it offers the familiarity of the Ubuntu brand, and has everything you need to experience KDE Plasma at its best, with extensive support and all the necessary software.

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Manjaro 20 1 Kde Pamac Fm

Manjaro is an excellent Arch Linux based distro which has always stood out for betting on a more user-friendly experience than the famous distro on which it is based. Although Manjaro KDE is not its only flavor, and it also offers versions with GNOME and XFCE, neither is "the most important" or main.

I honestly think the flavor with KDE is the best of all, and if you want a solid and powerful distro with a 10 desktop, than includes only the most basic pre-installed And always offering the latest software up to date, and many customization options, Manjaro is an excellent choice.



Perhaps the least known of the distributions on this list. Nitrux It is a young and quite interesting system, especially at the design level. It is based on Ubuntu and of course uses KDE and Qt. However, unlike the others, it does not offer the same "vanilla" KDE experience.

Nitrux not only bets on your own Plasma 5 customization layer, the NX Desktop on KDE, but also uses Calamares as an application installation framework. It is quite a unique and interesting distro that is worth trying.