TikTok improves parental control by making teen accounts even safer for them

The phenomenon that has TikTok among teenagers it has been colossal. In the company they are aware of this and that is why have improved parental control options with the aim of increasing the security of the profiles

The news announced have to do especially with what teens can see and what others can see or do on their profiles expanding the capabilities of Family Pairing, the option that allows linking the account of a father or mother to that of their son or daughter, thereby enabling the parental control option.

Among other new options, parents can decide whether their children's TikTok account is public or private.

Family Pairing, the parental control of TikTok


From now on, the parents They will have the option to decide if their child can search for content, users, tags or sounds, who can comment on the videos (if everyone, friends or no one), if the account is private or public and if the list of videos marked with a I like it is visible or not.

These new options are in addition to others that address the time teens can spend on TikTok, the restricted mode that hides potentially inappropriate content for a minor, or the restrictions on receiving direct messages from third parties.

Family Pairing works once the adolescent agrees that a parent's account be linked to theirs

The latter from the age of 16, because from that age onwards direct messaging is automatically disabled and only approved followers can send messages to each other and images and videos cannot be sent.

Family Pairing, it should be noted, it works if the adolescent agrees that their account can be linked to their parents'. In addition, at any time, the minor may decide to unlink the account of their guardians from their own without their being able to do anything, beyond being alerted to this action through a notification.