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TikTok claims to have no news from the Trump administration or a response to its proposals given its imminent ban

The deadline for ByteDance, responsible for TikTok, to sell its assets in the United States ends tomorrow, November 12. Within hours, the company should have disposed of "any tangible or intangible assets or property, wherever it may be, used to enable or support the operation of the ByteDance TikTok application" in the country.

But nevertheless, TikTok Says Trump Administration Has Forgotten To Try To Ban It. They have hardly any news from the US government and have not received responses to their proposals.

This Thursday, the company responsible for TikTok should have divested its part of the business in the US to continue operating

Ask for an extension and judicial protection


Given that the Chinese company has not received a communication from the Committee for the Control of Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS), its representatives have proceeded to present a petition to an appeals court requesting a review of the actions of this body.

TikTok says that requested a 30-day extension that was contemplated by the CFIUS, although your request has not been answered. Nor does he know what will happen when Thursday arrives and the deadline expires.

"In the almost two months since the president [Trump] gave preliminary approval to our proposal to address those concerns [sobre seguridad nacional], we have offered detailed solutions to finalize that deal, but we have not received any substantive response on our broad privacy and data security framework ", they assure The Verge.

"We have offered detailed solutions to finalize that agreement, but have not received any substantive response."

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Due to "the continuous new requests and the lack of clarity about whether our proposed solutions would be accepted" they request the aforementioned extension and They ask for judicial protection "to defend our rights and those of our more than 1,500 employees in the United States." They also ensure that they remain committed to working together with the US authorities.

The proposal that the Chinese company alludes to is one that includes a partnership with Oracle and Walmart to avoid the blockade. An operation that seemed difficult due to the ownership of the algorithms and that did not help us to block the downloads of the application in the United States, although a judge temporarily blocked the order. The agreement also did not receive the approval of the Chinese government, which did complicate the sale with new regulations. Tomorrow Thursday we will know if the ban is finally executed.