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this would be his new and curious design

The future flagship of Samsung would arrive with many changes and a design that may be somewhat familiar.

The Samsung Galaxy S21, future flagship of the Korean firm, is already on the lips of many media. We know you could hit the market ahead of schedule to outperform your competitors, and now we can get closer to your design.

As on other occasions, @UniverseIce has been in charge of showing us the first images of this Samsung Galaxy S21. We would find important changes compared to the S20, also with familiar details.

Possible Samsung Galaxy S21 design

These first renders bring us closer to the design of the S21.

A design reminiscent of the, iPhone 12?

According to the images, we would go from the curved rear of the Samsung Galaxy S20 to a practically flat. Its sides would also lose curvature.

One of the most notable changes would come with the camera module. The triple camera of the S21 would be housed in a curious and rounded module that would join the metallic side.

On the front we do not expect big changes, it remains in the hole centered at the top for the front camera and perhaps we will witness a reduction of the frames.

There is not much to say, the design is quite reminiscent of the new iPhone 12, although it is also true that we had not seen a module like this for cameras so far. We have no doubt, during the next few weeks we will have more opportunities to see the future flagship of Samsung.