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This website tests your perception of history depending on whether the photographs are in black and white or in color

A color photo of our days does not surprise us. It is the usual. This is how they are taken and this is how we perceive the world. Instead, una color photo from distant times, especially when we only have black and white snapshots back then, it shocks us. We are not used to them at all.

But even though we can unconsciously think in black and white when we imagine decades past, the world was naturally in color and not in the grayscale of the photographs that were left for posterity.

"The way we view history is largely defined by the aesthetics we associate with each period" ... and also by the color of the photographs that immortalized it

And the following website puts us to the test in that sense, in the particular vision we have of history through the photos and their color range.

Photo History, an experiment on the color of historical photographs and its perception

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Photo History is the experiment created by Matt Daniels and Jan Diehm published in The Pudding. A simple and curious test about how we see history.

"The way we view history is largely defined by the aesthetics we associate with each period"explains the web. For this reason, when he suggests dating the year a photograph was taken, we look at the details that make it up: clothing, hairstyles, buildings ... and also the color.

Color, according to experiment, matters

We tested this awesome website that colors your photos in black and white

The question is: if the color is altered, Is the perception of photography altered and we date it differently? The answers may surprise you.

When one makes the dating of five proposed photographs, after indicating their year of birth, the web shows us the original year and the average year that people have indicated when they have seen the photograph in color and when they have seen it in black and white. Color, depending on the results, matters.