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This website invites us to be part of "the first artistic project of massive participation"

If we think of art, specifically a painting, the study of a certain artist may come to mind; a space that is often associated with solitude, with recollection.

1000000000.art is a project that seeks the opposite: to create "The first artistic project of massive participation". This is a gigantic digital canvas, and each of us can contribute our tiny grain ... of pixel.

Pixel to pixel

And, as its name suggests, this website needs a billion pixels to complete. Each pixel is added by a person, and will be directly associated with our IP address.

The person behind this website, Chaïb Martinez, makes it clear that it is a participatory and open source artistic project: "nothing is sold here". When it's complete, be 40,000 pixels wide and 25,000 pixels high (i.e. 1 billion pixels).

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When we enter this page, we will see an animation reminiscent of computers and operating systems from decades ago. After clicking on "participate", a text explains the idea and how this website works.

At the end of this introduction, they will inform us of the number of people who have participated to date. This is when we will have to register, using our Google account or an email.

It takes into account our IP address and the opacity of the screen when creating our pixel

We will receive a code by email and, after entering it, we will see the pixel that we will add to the work. As we see, this web takes into account our IP address and opacity to decide the color of our pixel:


Another interesting point is that, after leaving our pixel, it will tell us what our "number" is (in my case, only 113 people have visited this website before me). We also have the option of downloading the work or going back to painting.


The last pixel is ours (it will appear blinking), and we can see how the mosaic looks right now. As we can see, this project is still in an embryonic phase, and it is a long way from being completed.