This website allows you to send a physical letter that arrives within 10 years

We live in a world that increasingly relies on digital platforms to communicate with other people, something that has worsened in recent months due to the pandemic.

'Letter to Yourself' is a service that seeks to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital, allowing us to send a letter to ourselves or to another person and that it arrives when we specify it.

Receive it within 10 years

Yes, we are talking about a physical letter, written on paper. This new platform offers us a blank page in which to write a message and choose to have it sent by mail in the near or distant future.

A message in a bottle that is born on the internet. And it is that we can specify that is shipped within three months or even within 10 years (Here, it will be necessary to trust that this service continues to exist).

Letter To Yourself Send A Physical Letter To Your Future Self

Peter Ullrich, one of the developers of this service, ensures that when we mark that it is sent within a few years, the platform will be in charge of sending us "pings" to verify that it is still the correct address. If a change occurs, we can also contact them to modify it (they state that in the future we will be able to do so without having to contact them).

Obviously, The first thing I have tried is to see if there is a limit in terms of length (I admit, I am a bit of a troll and wanted to test if I can send myself a gigantic printed volume). There is a limit, although quite large: 65,000 characters.

Limit: 65,000 characters. That is, about 18 leaves

Letter To Yourself Send A Physical Letter To Your Future Self

I have tried putting those 65,000 characters in a blank document and the result is 18 pages (Arial 12). That means that we can go a long way in creating such a letter.

Send this physical letter without putting it in an envelope, leave our house and take it to a Post office It will cost us € 4.99 / $ 5.90 per letter. Of course, the platform does not specify at any point how the design of said letter will be, how another person will receive it or how we will receive it when it arrives.

We have contacted the company to try to find out and will update this post when we have a response.

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A free and digital alternative

At the beginning of the year we talked about Futureme, a website that allows us to send "a letter" (that is, an email) to our "future self". And if that was not enough, we have the option to make this letter private or public, in case we want to share it with the rest of the community.

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It is a very simple website. Once we have written the email, we will simply have to choose the date on which it will be sent. By default, the one, three and five year buttons appear.