This website allows you to check compatibility and performance of hundreds of video games on Macs with an M1 chip

The transition to Apple Silicon marks a before and after in the history of Apple computers, and we have already talked about different tools that allow us to know if the apps we use are prepared for the M1 chip.

Historically, Apple's desktop operating systems and Macs have not been the preferred settings for video game lovers, although this situation is improving year by year (thanks to, for example, initiatives like Apple Arcade).

Compatibility and performance

Anyway, the reviews of the new Macs with the M1 chip are leaving surprising results, and that is why many users dream of a performance so far never seen in this ecosystem.

Apple Silicon Games is a page that collects everything related to Macs with an M1 chip and hundreds of video games. It offers us a great list in which to know how certain games behave in the new Mac models.

"Many games are practically unplayable on Intel-powered Macs, but they are as smooth as butter (at 60FPS) on Apple Silicon."

Apple Silicon Games Check Game Compatibility Performance On The New M1 Macs Product Hunt

The list it is arranged alphabetically, but we have a search engine at the top. Through the different cells, we can know what platform it comes from (if it is Steam, iOS, App Store or CrossOver), the FPS or on which equipment it was tested.

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Thomas Schranz, the person behind this project, assures that "he was impressed with the performance of Apple Silicon", and in the presentation event itself came to think "wow, these teams have to be great to play.

Another positive point is that this website is constantly updated, so it might be a good idea to bookmark the page in case we are considering buying (or have already done so) a Mac with M1 and are passionate about video games.