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This Samsung secret code allows you to check if the Galaxy mobile works well

Do you want to know if your Samsung Galaxy works correctly? In the Samsung Members app you have a handy checker, but you may not have (or don't want to use) said Members. And there is a more universal way to 'check' the entire system: a secret telephone code. Practical, safe and fast to execute.

With the enormous number of sensors, buttons, connections and components that smartphones have, it is more than usual for one to break down and you don't know if it works correctly or not. Using the mobile as usual is enough, although there is a better way to check the correct operation of the phone: through a 'checkup' app. And Samsung includes one in the system manager: you can access the test log by typing a simple code.

Write the code in the phone app

Samsung Secret Code Checks

The function is hidden at the system level and is accessible via a phone code, classic codes that opened setting menus on GSM phones. Android smartphones keep most of these codes, such as '* # 06 #' to check the IMEI number. In our case, we will type a code that opens the check menu on Samsung Galaxy phones with One UI.

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The secret code that concerns us is the '# 0# '. After typing, a grid opens with the different levels of verification of the smartphone. By sensors, screen, sound, S-Pen in case the mobile is a Galaxy Note... With it, it is possible to find out if the phone is working properly, all by touching the screen.

Samsung Secret Code Checks

The process consists of a few steps, they are the following:

  • Open the phone application of your Samsung Galaxy.

  • Activate the numeric keyboard and type '# 0# ', without the quotes.

  • After typing the last character, the check menu will open: run the tests one by one until problems are ruled out.

  • You can go back to the checks menu at any time. There should be no problems though maybe the system won't let you return to the desktop. In that case, it is enough for you to relapse.

Samsung Secret Code Checks

The system check is a secret menu that most Samsung Galaxy with One UI incorporate. Entering it does not involve risks for the phone: you can try whatever you like.

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