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This new gadget that Xiaomi has presented will leave you ironed

Ironing clothes will stop being hell thanks to this new Xiaomi product.

Another week we bring you a new article from Xiaomi. A good, nice and cheap new item And that of course, it will be really quite useful, especially if we are one of those people who live alone at home.

On this occasion, one of those products that are essential at home and that we use practically every day is added to the list. It is a fairly inexpensive steam iron.

This is the Xiaomi steam iron

XIaomi iron

This Xiaomi iron will get you out of more than one trouble

On the occasion of the bachelor's day or 11 of the 11, Xiaomi has put on sale an essential product for all those singles in the world. Because as we all know, a single person does not have anything easy in life since they have to clean the house, cook, wash clothes and of course, iron them.

For this reason, it brings us salvation in the form of an electronic product. A clothes steam iron with a power of 2200 W ideal for any type of garment or fabric.

The iron does not have much more mystery, but to facilitate ironing and make it easy for everyone (it is not an easy task for many), ** this steam iron comes with an adjustable table from 0 to 90º **, perfect to iron long clothes or to avoid having to do this annoying activity in an uncomfortable position.

To greater abundance, the iron is equipped with a 2L water tank that allows a continuous use of more than 40 minutes, or what is the same depending on the brand, more than 18 blouses or 15 pants at maximum power.

The price of this iron is also quite interesting. For only 499 yuan or what is the same, about 75 dollars, we can get hold of it.