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This is what it will be like to make a purchase on WhatsApp: let Amazon tremble

Stores must upload their own catalog to take full advantage of the new feature available.

WhatsApp continues with its carousel of changes in the application. If recently we saw how in more and more countries payments are officially working within the application itself, now the messaging app goes one step further and wants you to make the purchase directly from it.

Thus, WhatsApp has added a buy button so that users can purchase products within company profiles. Through the WhatsApp Business application you can access a list of products and services that can be hire without leaving the app. If this option is available, a icon representing a store in conversation.

Available for everyone

buy through whatsapp

If you like a product in a store's catalog, have a conversation with the business about how to get it.

Although it has not been officially implemented yet, WhatsApp has ensured that the Direct purchase button will be available to users around the world in the coming days. Of course, companies must upload a catalog with all their products and their prices so that, if one convinces you, you can establish a conversation with the business to acquire it.

East buy button will be in the upper right, where the call button was previously, which will now display two options: voice call and video call.

In this video that the company has published, it looks a little more detailed.

For the moment, WhatsApp has not announced the purchase or transactional mechanism. Yes, the purchase button will allow you to view the catalog of a business and chat with it to know more details first-hand, but not an option to add to the cart for the moment although, seeing the progress in mobile payment services within the app, We believe that it will not be long in coming.

We intuit that this button is the first step for a whole range of purchase options within WhatsApp but, at the moment, the company has not given more details about it.