The hypothetical Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 says yes to the S-Pen, but it will not arrive integrated

this is Project Latte, according to Windows Central

Microsoft is working on 'Project Latte', an internal program that aims to allow Android applications to run on Windows 10, according to Windows Central, which always has good sources in everything around Redmond.

The goal of Microsoft, they say, is to provide developers with tools to make it easy to bring their applications to Android, with very few modifications to the code or directly without modifying anything. According to Windows Central sources, Project Latte could see the light next year, in the second major update of the course, the fall.

Mobile applications on desktop can become fashionable in Windows 10 and macOS


Although there are still many details to be known about how the applications will work or would work in Windows 10, since there is nothing official, from Windows Central they point out that it could work with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), although another subsystem for Android would be required , as they point out.

So we can install Netflix, Instagram or Plex apps on our Mac with M1

If everything is fulfilled, Microsoft would go much deeper into what it has been doing for some time with the 'Your Phone' application, through which it allows running applications installed on an Android terminal. Until recently it was only possible to do it with one application at a time, but recently Microsoft allows it to be done with several at the same time, offering very good multitasking. The pity is that it is still a function closely associated with Samsung terminals.

This same thing from Microsoft is what Apple has already done making it possible to natively run iOS applications on new Macs with Apple Silicon and M1 chip, and whose desktop experience leaves something to be desired for the moment in certain aspects, although the performance is excellent, which it is.

The desktop has lost appeal with some developers, and both companies want to take advantage of There are very good applications on both iOS and Android to make your proposals more attractive in the PC world.