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This is the offer and this is how the 'Live' section works

Amazon's commitment to Fire TV is working better and better and reaches more people thanks to its content prices, and now Amazon has wanted to solve one of the biggest little headaches that we have when we do not use TV applications but an external device as yours.

It becomes uncomfortable to have to change the control and go to DTT mode to watch channels, switching from HDMI. In this sense, Amazon has launched in Spain the 'Live' section, which allows us to watch free-to-air television channels from its interface. Of course, everything goes through the internet, not that you have to add tuners or anything like that to the equation. Let's see how it works.

All RTVE and Atresplayer channels


For now the offer of available channels is limited to those available through the RTVE and Atresplayer apps, that is, La 1, La 2, 24 hours, Teledeporte, Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova and Atreseries. These channels will appear on the main screen of our Fire TV player under dynamic sections called 'Recent Channels', 'Live Sports' or 'Breaking News'.


In our case it has appeared directly to us as 'You are watching'. The 'Live' section, in that sense, works in a similar way to a DTT or OTT applications such as Movistar + or Vodafone TV. In addition to being able to see the channels, we can see their entire programming guide. Yes, We will not be able to organize the channels to our liking, but they are offered to us according to groups: To see the La 1 guide, the entire RTVE guide will be opened, and the same will happen with Antena 3 and Atresplayer.


Advertise on Atresplayer before you can see any of its live broadcasts.

Image quality is good, and subtitle and language changes are offered, although in our case we have not been able to test it because no chain had it active. We have also tried to pause the playback, but it was not possible. As for the experience, it must be said that it is fluid, but certain details may make us use the DTT mode of our television, such as the fact that Atresplayer puts three advertisements before being able to see any of its channels. Now it only remains to wait for other important players such as Mediaset, or even Pluto TV to join.