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This is the most popular Android smartphone according to AnTuTu [Octubre 2020]

The AnTuTu guys have published a report of user preferences for Android smartphones with data updated as of October 2020 according to the data collected by the benchmark.

It should be noted that the Antutu preferences report is based on the settings of the phones of the users who have used Antutu, so it does not have to represent the global preferences of the users.

According to these data, the most popular Android smartphone has a 6.4 ″ screen with FullHD + resolution, Qualcomm processor with 8 cores, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and Android 10.

Screen size: Big screens are all the rage

Sizes less than 5.5 ″ have practically disappeared. Many manufacturers no longer release models with screens below 5.5 ″, although Apple has recently released the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE.

According to the distribution, the 6.4 ″ screens represent 17.2%, followed by the 6.3-inch screens with 14.7% and the 6.5 ″ screens with 13.6%, these three being the main sizes of current mobile phones.

Antutu believes that, in today's technological conditions, those sizes are basically the limit for one-handed operation.

Screen resolution: 1080p seems to be sufficient

Although the screen size of the phone is increasing, the resolution is still 1080P, like two years ago.

It's not that users don't want higher resolution screens, but those screens are more expensive, consume more power, and 1080p is arguably sufficient for most users, which is why many manufacturers prefer to use high-resolution displays in higher-end models.

Based on the distribution of screen resolutions, 1080 x 2340 represents 35.7%, 1080 x 2400 grows to 12.9%, and the resolution of 1440 x 3120 is rare.

Processor brand: Qualcomm is still king

Antutu users whose phones have Qualcomm processors represent 57.5%. Samsung chips represent 14.9%, Hisilicon (Huawei) 14.1% and MediaTek 12.4%.

Qualcomm remains the most popular manufacturer of mobile processors, even more than Samsung and Hisilicon combined. MediaTek's increase over the previous quarter is likely related to the launch of the Dimensity processors.

Also, due to the US ban, the presence of Hisilicon processors is expected to decrease.

Number of cores (CPU): Eight cores are clearly the norm

Eight-core chips are now the most popular as they strike a balance between performance and power consumption. According to data collected by Antutu, octa-core chips represent 95.1% of the market in all the high, medium and low ranges.

The data also shows that 4.2% of the chips use four cores. These are presumably low-end phone models for other markets.

RAM: Models with 6 GB are the most common

The mobile phones of Antutu users are mainly mid-range models, with a RAM of 4 or 6 GB mostly. Those with 6 GB of RAM account for 34.3%, although in China things change and the most popular size is 8GB.

As time goes on, the 4GB memory models will be rarer, while the 6GB models will be the standard configuration, and we will see more models with 12GB of memory.

Storage: 128GB is the norm

The mobile phone has become a device that we cannot do without, storing a large amount of personal information. Having sufficient storage space is particularly important.

According to the data, the 128GB capacity is the most used by Antutu users, who represent 41.3% of the market.

The 64GB capacity is also quite popular, mainly because most mid-range phones still start at 64GB and the share of 16GB smartphones has dropped.

Android fragmentation continues

According to the data, the phone models with Android 10 dominate the market by 63.3%, but Android 11, which was launched some time ago, does not even appear in the graph with its own presence but is in the section «Others . »