This is the most complete database of astronauts (human and not) to compare space explorations and their protagonists

The Astronaut Database promises to be the most complete record of every living being (and any robot) that has left Earth to explore space.

This database allows you to search and compare astronauts based on data such as the missions they have carried out, the days they have spent in space, the time they have spent on special walks, their visits to the International Space Station or the crossing of the so-called Kármán line, for example .

"Explore the history and future of space travel with the most comprehensive and searchable record of all living things that left planet Earth"

Humans, animals, robots and even mannequins

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The project includes data from 581 humans and 327 non-humans. That is, from animals such as the fruit flies that the United States sent or the Laika dog that the Soviet Union turned into the first terrestrial living being to orbit the Earth.

The most interesting data is offered in the human profiles

From clouds of dust and gas to black holes: this is how stars are born, grow, die and reproduce

Among nonhumans we also find robots such as the American Opportunity that explored Mars until 2018 or the Soviet mannequin Ivan Ivanovich who traveled to space several times to prepare future manned missions aboard the mythical Soviet spacecraft Vostok.

However, the most interesting data is offered in the human profiles. An example is Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, a Russian astronaut currently in space.. In his file we can find a brief biography about him, his profession, the mission of which he is part and a counter with the days, hours, minutes and seconds that he has been in space.