this is its new retail strategy and with 'darkstores'

Glovo has long ceased to be that errand company in which a delivery man brings you what you need at the moment, although it has never abandoned its origins in that sense. Now it is a company with agreements with the world of hospitality, which it serves as an intermediary with customers and as a distribution platform. However, the company joined the fight with online supermarkets by launching its own in 2018. After that, it has continued to bet on selling more and more food through the online supermarket.

Now, according to Hipertextual Glovo, it has announced that between now and 2021 it wants to increase its number of Darkstores of the 20 they currently have to 100. This will mean having much more logistical capacity, which will allow to deliver much more than food from restaurants or supermarkets. Glovo will now deliver items of all kinds in less than 35 minutes, which would put you way ahead of other competitors which may take more than a day to deliver products.

A new sales strategy based on three pillars


From now on, Glovo will offer in its Glovo Market food and many other products that it has stored in its darkstores. That is the first part of the strategy, you continued with what they were doing until now. With it, they want to deliver in less than the mentioned period of 35 minutes.

Secondly, the agreements with supermarkets, so that we can order a specific purchase directly from the Glovo application. Until now we could find Día or Carrefour here, but they are now going for Douglas, El Corte Inglés, which already has a section for toys and video games, etc.

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Finally, Glovo will make an investment of 20 million euros to enter the retail business. Thanks to agreements with stores of all kinds: perfumery, toys, accessories, etc., he wants to be able to deliver in less than 40 minutes. With this, would seriously compete with Amazon, El Corte Inglés and other chains, offering times much shorter than these.