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This is how this simple function is increasingly necessary with teleworking

WhatsApp has been working since last year in a 'vacation mode' that has not yet seen the light. After more than a year of silence on the part of WhatsApp, WaBetaInfo told again that the code of the messaging application once again contemplated the function, and now it has brought news about it.

But, What exactly is the 'vacation mode' that WhatsApp prepares? It is a function that, beyond what its name may indicate, what it does is prevent archived chats from being automatically deactivated when we receive messages from a contact or group that we have hidden with said function.

A relevant role in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the growth of teleworking more than any other cause. And one of the problems surrounding this growing reality is that people who work remotely are experiencing greater problems to disconnect, a fact that has led the Government to ensure that the new Telework Law guarantees the right to digital disconnection.

Even if I am not the culprit, WhatsApp is one of the tools through which this digital disconnection may not be fulfilled. With the 'vacation mode', and although it is done in a rudimentary way because it is something that cannot be automated, we can include our bosses in archived chats, colleagues and work clients so that their messages do not bother us outside of working hours .

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In the captures to which WaBetaInfo has had access, it can be seen that WhatsApp indicates "Move chats that you want to have muted here". "Chats with new messages will not return to the main chat list."

The feature will be much appreciated when it arrives, but on both desktop and mobile operating systems. Apple, Google and Microsoft could use their own 'vacation mode' or 'off work mode', so that we could choose not to receive notifications from certain applications, or even from certain people, after a certain time.