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This is how spectacular the roll-up mobile that Samsung prepares us looks like

For some, folding mobiles are no longer enough, and if TCL, OPPO and LG get involved in the race for roll-up designs from Samsung, come and raise the ante.

Always with his paw on every little novelty that is glimpsed in this industry, it was already strange to see how OPPO officially presented the world's first roll-out smartphone without Samsung I would have even explored those kinds of designs, attractive to the eye and for some much more functional in concept than the current folding like the Galaxy Z Fold2 or the Huawei Mate Xs.

It is true that we are still talking about distant concepts and not about something that we are going to touch soon, but OPPO already showed us in a functional way a design that TCL had shown in prototypes and that apparently LG has advanced with its Project B while Samsung patented other models more fantasy than current.

Maybe that LG was in the garlic of the roll-up mobiles It must have given us a clue of what MSPowerUser now confirms, following the track of a recreation executed with mastery, as always, by the Let'sGoDigital colleagues, who Following Samsung's sketches, they have presented us with what would be the next mobile with a rolling screen from the South Korean giant, a device that its new president seems to be using even in public.

Samsung's roll-up mobile, in its first recreation

A gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note that you can shrink at will thanks to its roll-up screen.

Yes friends, Samsung also works on a roll-up mobile that undoubtedly promises

If I have few doubts about something after having tried the Galaxy Fold, it is that indeed the future of the mobile industry is foldable in one way or another, with different form factors that will suit different uses, but certainly democratizing flexible OLED panels that could already become the great market trend in 2021.

Samsung has already shown that commercial cut folding are possible, that they do not have to look like prototypes, and that the screens and their coatings gain in durability as required by the canons also initiating a fall in prices almost necessary and that makes these types of devices more attractive that now seem to us to come from the future.

Without a doubt, the South Korean giant has been the manufacturer most involved in spending money on R&D to make possible the new mobiles with hinges and other mechanisms, so It seemed strange to us that it did not also have a device of this type, explored in this case following the same strategy of LG, TCL or OPPO with a roller shutter mechanism in one of the side frames.

As it has transpired, Samsung's design would allow expand a 6-inch phone to 8-inch, without us knowing for now if the system would be automated with some type of servo or we would actuate it manually to expand or re-roll the OLED panel.

What we do know is that Samsung's idea is to frame this new device in the Galaxy Note range, obviously incorporating an S-Pen that is undoubtedly already the great desire of all of us who use a Galaxy Z Fold2 and would expand the possibilities of the terminal in productivity environments and advanced users to whom it would be specifically directed.

The recreated design lets us see some of the details, quite faithful to what a presentation render could be if the device were to become a reality:

In any case, for now it's just a little more smoke and nothing palpable as is the OPPO X 2021, of which the Chinese manufacturer says "There are no plans in the short term" at least as long as the market and the possibilities of success are not studied of a device like this.

Samsung will not be less, and will not launch this secure terminal until the competition speaks, although We know that Seoul people like to always get there first. in all races of this type. Will we see it in 2021? It could be, but… With that S-Pen I really doubt it!