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This is how payments work and this is how WhatsApp payments look, in more and more countries

WhatsApp payments are one of the great novelties that will come to the app, and we already know how they work.

Go preparing for use WhatsApp to send and receive money: very soon, the application's peer-to-peer payment system will reach more countries, after an initial deployment whereby this system has been implemented in several countries.

To this day, in addition, we can already see and verify how payments will work on WhatsApp, thanks to the fact that the company has shown us more information about the operation of this function of sending money from chats.

Payments on WhatsApp

Payments are about to hit WhatsApp for everyone.

WhatsApp payments are coming: this is how they work

The last country to have welcomed the WhatsApp payment system is India.

Since last November 5, residents of that country can send or receive money through WhatsApp chats safely and without too many complications.

To this end, a system based on the UPI - Unified Payment Interface - has been integrated in collaboration with the National Payment Organization of India.

In this way, they are more than 160 banks compatible with WhatsApp payments.

Although the payment platform will be somewhat different in each country, many of the features will be similar in most countries.

It is the case of the requirements, because all those who want to make payments by WhatsApp they will need to have one bank account and an associated credit or debit card in your name.

WhatsApp claims that the payment system is totally secure, since each transaction will require a UPI system personal PIN, without which it will not be possible to send or receive money.

Payments in WhatsApp chats

Payments in WhatsApp chats for Android.

Brazil and India are two of the first countries where WhatsApp users can start send or receive money through the app.

Little by little, the company has the idea of ​​expanding the availability of this system until it ends up offering a global payments tool, similar to what we can already find on Facebook with Facebook Pay.

It is very likely, therefore, that Latin American regions Y Europe are very close in the company's deployment plans.

In fact, not long ago we received indications that pointed to his arrival in Spain very soon.